U.S. Denies Citizenship to Children of Married Same-Sex Couples

A few of our previous posts have discussed efforts by some states and the current Administration to roll back protections that flow from legal marriage to same-sex couples and their children.  Some of those rights include a presumption of parentage (of children born within a legal marriage), as well as the right to collect benefits from legal spouses.  Another is the right of a child to receive U.S. Citizenship when one of your legal parents is a U.S. Citizen.  However, the Administration is now attempting to deny U.S. Citizenship to children of same-sex married couples (if the biological mother is not a U.S. citizen, but her spouse is) and is attempting to treat them as children “born out of wedlock,” because of the refusal to recognize the legality of their parents’ marriage.  It is more important than ever for same-sex couples to remain vigilant and obtain legal advice regarding how to protect themselves and their children in the current political climate.  See these articles in Courthouse News and the Washington Post.

Lesbian Couple Slams Denial of Son’s US Citizenship