Dinsmore Stark Joins Wage Theft Lawsuit Versus Bank of America

Raymond Dinsmore of Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys At Law, has teamed up with the Hayber Law Firm in its ongoing lawsuit Culpepper v. Bank of America National Association pending before the Federal District Court of Connecticut. The lawsuit, brought on behalf of a class of call center employees, contends that Bank of America required its “Inbound Specialists” to work off-the-clock in the performance of preliminary job duties such as booting up computers and a myriad of programs and applications necessary for the employees to receive incoming calls. The suit alleges that Inbound Specialists were required to work up to a half an hour per shift performing preliminary duties for which they received no compensation.

State and federal law prohibit the practices alleged by Plaintiffs. Employers are required to compensate employees for all hours they have worked.