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Whether we are guiding a client through an informal negotiation, or litigating a complex case, Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law provides you with diligent and efficient representation.

Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law is a law firm serving the greater Northampton and Springfield, Massachusetts area.specializing in the following areas:

  • Family law
    • Divorce law
    • Child support law
    • Child custody
    • Paternity
    • Second-Parent/Same-Sex Couple Adoptions
  • Employment law
    • Employment discrimination
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Sexual harassment
    • Wrongful termination
    • Retaliation
    • Unemployment Compensation
    • Non-payment of wages
    • Wage and hour violations/Overtime
  • Employment Contracts/Non-Competes/Severance Agreements
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury


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Family Law Attorney in Springfield and Northampton, MA

At Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law, we understand the many challenges that divorcing individuals and their families face. The end of a relationship is stressful and challenging, but divorce requires specific legal processes. Even in collaborative divorce cases in which both parties are able to negotiate a Separation Agreement outside of the courtroom and file an uncontested joint petition for divorce, an attorney’s advice and counsel is invaluable to ensure that you know your rights.  Further, the paperwork must be properly submitted and filed in order to be approved by a judge. Should you opt to use a mediator, a professional who does not represent either party but rather acts as a neutral facilitator to help both parties mutually agree upon a Separation Agreement, Attorney Stark can also assist you by acting as a “mediation consultant,” she can assist you in devising a mediation strategy and reviewing all settlement offers. However, if your situation is more contentious, you need an attorney with litigation and trial experience, such as Attorney Stark, who is familiar with the local Probate and Family Courts and judges. If you’re in the process of getting divorced in Northampton or Springfield, MA, you need a qualified divorce lawyer advocating for your and your family’s best interests. Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law, has several years of experience in Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, and Berkshire counties. Whether you have questions about division of property, division of debts/assets, or alimony, Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law can help. Call us today at  413-341-3639.

One of the most challenging aspects of any divorce involving a minor child or children concerns determination of where the child or children will reside, how custody will be divided amongst both parents and whether child support payments are appropriate. Even if you and the other parent agree on custody matters, both of you will be required to attend a parent education program and submit a parenting plan that will be approved by a family court judge. If you are engrossed in a custody battle, several other significant factors come into play as well. In highly disputed situations involving minor children, it may necessary to enlist the opinions of an outside expert such as a Guardian Ad Litem. The Guardian Ad Litem report can have tremendous influence over the outcome of your case so it is important that you have a lawyer who can guide you through this process. Moreover, custody disputes become much more complicated if the children have been taken across state or international borders. Complex uniform laws and agreements dictate if and how a child can be removed to another state or country. In domestic interstate conflicts, complex laws such as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) orthe Massachusetts Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (MCCJA) governs situations in which parents from two different states are disputing custody. These laws  provide for interstate civil enforcement over existing custody orders, dictate jurisdiction if a modification of the existing custody order is necessary, and provide rules that discourage competing custody orders between states. In an international custody dispute, the Hague Convention on Child Abduction may be applicable if the children have been relocated by one parent to another country and the other parent needs help having the children returned to the United States. Contact Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law today if you are facing child custody or child support dilemmas, including interstate removal cases or international abduction/kidnapping cases.

In addition to the more traditional areas of family law practice, Attorney Stark has also been committed to helping same-sex couples navigate the second-parent adoption process in Massachusetts for several years. Although the recent landmark Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges ruled that all fifty states are now constitutionally bound to recognize same-sex marriages and the accompanying rights of parentage, many legal experts including Attorney Stark continue to advise that the non-biological parent obtain an official adoption decree from the state to protect their rights as a parent. This precautionary measure is recommended due to the fact that certain states and their officials will take much longer to adjust to this ruling, as evidenced by lawsuits across the country still being filed by LGBT couples and parents. There are several forms, waivers, affidavits, and motions required for a second-parent adoption petition in Massachusetts. Even if the sperm or egg donor is unknown or has informally surrendered his/her rights to the child, specific forms and proceedings are still required by the court. If you have questions about a second-parent adoption, Attorney Stark can assist you.

Attorney Stark provides compassionate counsel and zealous advocacy through all stages of representation.  She makes all efforts to keep her clients updated on the status of their case throughout the proceeding and ensures that she makes herself available to clients for any questions they may have.  While divorce and other family transitions can be stressful, having a strong yet compassionate advocate like Attorney Stark in your corner makes all the difference in the world.  Contact Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law for a free family law consultation today.

Practice Areas

Child Custody
Child Support
Alimony / Spousal Support
Same-Sex Divorce
Separation Agreements
Property Division
Interstate Removal
International Kidnapping (Hague Convention)
Unmarried Partner Disputes
Paternity Actions

Post Divorce Actions, including
Contempt Actions
Domestic Violence
Restraining Orders

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Employment Law Attorney in Springfield and Northampton, MA

As an employee, you are entitled to be treated fairly and in compliance with Massachusetts and federal laws. You are protected against a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, deprivation of wages and overtime pay, and retaliation for exercising your legal rights. Mistreatment and adverse actions taken by an employer can led to severe emotional and financial distress for you and your family and as well as affect your future career and earning capacity. If you suspect that your rights have been/are being violated by your employer, it is important to speak with an attorney who has extensive experience advocating on behalf of victimized employees. Having represented both public and private employees across a broad and diverse spectrum of jobs, Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law can provide you with candid and expert advice to help you receive the equitable results and monetary damages that you deserve. Call us today at  413-341-3639.

It is illegal for an employee to be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected status. This discrimination may result in a wrongful termination, hostile work environment, or denial of promotion or pay increase.  Although Massachusetts is an “at-will” employment state, employers cannot take serious adverse actions against an employee without consequences. An employer is also barred from retaliating against or preventing an employee from exercising a legally protected right, such as taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act or Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act, or filing for worker’s compensation. Whether you need assistance with your charge at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination or negotiations through an informal demand, Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law can help you.

Federal and state wage and hour laws protect employees from working without proper pay. Employers are required to pay overtime wages for every hour worked in excess of 40 a week for all “non-exempt” workers. While your employer may have categorized you as “exempt”, many employers misclassify their workers and illegally deny them overtime pay. If you were misclassified and denied overtime, you may be entitled to back pay even if you were terminated or left the job of your own volition. Furthermore, employees in Massachusetts are entitled to their earned wages within a certain time frame after they leave a job as well as payout for unused vacation and personal time. Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law can provide the specialized knowledge necessary to help you recover the rightful wages you are owed.

If you are facing wrongful termination, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, need assistance with obtaining unemployment benefits, or would like an employment contract reviewed, contact Dinsmore Stark, Attorneys at Law for a consultation today.Expander

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